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Internet Uploads:.

Off to the right is a widget that allows you to upload files to TJ’s Biomedical Imaging. The best way so far to use this upload widget is to compress files or directories on your computer then upload them using this widget.

Compression Programs:.

There are several programs that can do a good job at compressing files: WinZip, Stuffit, 7-Zip, & HAMSTER to name a few. I have been using WinZIP & PKZIP for several years and they both do fine. Recently I have been introduced to HAMSTER, it also seems to do quite well, and it is free.

Widget Notes:.

We have found that the widget works better if you are using “Google Chrome“. If you are, you can then select a directory and not just individual files. There is still a limitation of 100 files that can be selected for a single transfer using this widget, even with “Google Chrome” as your browser.