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3D PDF Models:

Here at TJ’s Biomedical Imaging (TJ’s) we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to prepare & present information. One low cost way to give the expert more flexibility about what is  shared with the family on shown in a courtroom setting is what we here affectionately call an 3D PDF. To view the file the individual will need a Mac or PC with Adobe Reader 9.5 or better installed. With that requirement met a whole host of options become possible. Object and be toggled on or off. If objects have been grouped before hand, whole groups of objects and toggled on or off. Camera positions, background, and lighting, and object transparency can all be changed on the fly. It is even possible to slice through the model and show the cutting plane.

The Neuro-Anatomy Trainer, Brain Lobes, and Injured brain as seen below are great FREE examples of a 3D PDF or (i3D) files that you can interact with. To view the tutorial for the trainer please click on the following link.  (see tutorial video).

You can see more samples when JavaScript is enabled.

  • 3D PDF - Normal Brain
Neuro-Anatomy Trainer
  • 3D PDF - Interface
Color coded brain lobes
  • 3D PDF - Interface
Injured Brain