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Here at TJ’s Biomedical Imaging (TJ’s) we want you and your experts to look good. To help achieve that TJ’s has developed many custom applications to showcase a person both with and without a deficit. These custom applications are really Interactive Presentation that allows the expert, judge, and attorneys to select from a multitude of views and 3D models to showcase that person.

Below are some samples that you can download, by just clicking on the image, and run on a Windows (XP or 7) computer.  I think they will also run on Windows 8 but at this time that has not been tested. These Interactive Presentations, Neuroanatomy Trainers or Case Studies could also be helpful in classroom settings so teachers and students are encouraged to download and use them at no cost.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) #1


Screen grab from TBI-1 program



alternate text

Screen grab from the Coup-Contrecoup program


3D Normal Brain:

Screen grab from 3D Normal Brain program

Screen grab from 3D Normal Brain program